Annual Landlord Valuation

Fraser & Co now provide an Annual Valuation Service to all our Landlord clients.

As a result of huge demand, in response to Brexit and Covid 19, two huge events that have directly affected the British economy – Fraser & Co. now provide an annual professional valuation of your property / investment asset, ensuring like other investment asset classes, that landlords can monitor in real time the performance and value of their asset.

By communicating with our clients transparently and clearly, our primary objective is to add value to our service by keeping clients regularly informed on their property investment, and nothing is more important than the current value and performance of the asset itself.

Our RICS Registered Valuer & Chartered Surveyor Keith Fraser, will provide formal valuations on all residential properties.

Additionally, a further wide range of valuation services can be provided on request, to suit your requirements and are always happy to discuss individual needs including, taxation, development appraisals, strategic reviews, purchase advice, accountancy, expert witness, matrimonial proceedings and more.

Fraser & Co provides client focused professional support, with specific points of contact that ensure a seamless service. We adopt rigid standards of professionalism and capitalise on our expert knowledge of the London property market. We will gather and analyse the most up-to-date information which can enable an accurate value of your property.

Our Expertise:
• RICS Registered Valuers.
• Valuable local knowledge.
• Trusted and dependable.
• Bespoke and flexible reporting.
• Access to data-led research which helps understand important trends across the global property market.