Why invest in a new property?

London’s new homes sector has seen strong performance in recent years which makes a new-build property a sensible choice for both investors and owner-occupiers. As well as the immediate aesthetic advantages, a new property also offers a range of practical benefits.

Service charges tend to be lower in new blocks in the short to medium term since all amenities are brand new and in excellent condition, with few repairs likely to be necessary. Decorations will be in excellent order and won’t need redoing for some time and all equipment will be new and not suffering from wear and tear.

New-build properties are also likely to be covered by a 10 year NHBC warranty (or similar) offering protection against builder defects and structural problems.

New homes are designed for 21st century living, with practical layouts often incorporating kitchen/diners, en suite bathrooms, double glazing, excellent insulation and the use of large areas of glazing to maximise natural light. For investors looking to secure a quality tenant, this is particularly important.

New-build schemes also tend to come with excellent security measures, such as video entry phones, CCTV and sometimes a concierge. Secure parking is also a feature of many developments, often enabling residents to drive straight into the parking area and then take a lift directly to their apartment.

Getting in at the beginning and buying a new-build home off-plan or in the first phase of a development can be a particularly shrewd way to watch your asset increase in value from day one, providing it’s been sensibly priced of course. As a scheme’s brand image grows stronger, so prices can inflate, although it’s worth noting that over-priced schemes which fail to generate confidence amongst buyers can equally decline in value.

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