The Elizabeth line could be extended into Essex and Kent

Even though the Elizabeth line has only been operational for a year, commuters adore its powerful air conditioning and stylish purple paintwork. 

It follows that it is not surprising that plans are being made for a Lizzy line invasion of the South East. 

With a daring plan to connect Kent and Essex to that wonderful commuting hub and to entice residents to take day trips outside of the Big Smoke, Thurrock Council is dreaming big.

Presently, the Elizabeth line comes to an end at Abbey Wood and Shenfield, two stations east of London. 

Thurrock Council plans to connect everything with a massive loop that runs from Abbey Wood to Romford and stops at places including Dartford, Gravesend, Tilbury Town, West Thurrock, and South Ockendon. 

But the fact that the Conservative-run Thurrock Council is insolvent is a much bigger problem. 

Its debts total £1.5 billion, forcing it to request a sizable £183 million loan from the Government to get through the most recent fiscal year. 

This implies that it is unlikely to have the funds to conduct additional research on these ideas. 

Beyond that, there is the more general issue of how to pay for the plans. 

Because most of the areas it would pass through are already covered in existing suburban housing or are green-belt land, this extension lacks the financial incentive that property developers who wanted their buildings to be connected to good transportation connections provided for the Elizabeth line.

So postpone your plans to purchase a charming Tudor estate in South Ockendon and commute into town on the Elizabeth line's royal splendour. 

We haven't arrived quite yet. 

Nonetheless, it seems likely that some sort of extension will come our way sooner or later given the extreme congestion on the commuter roads in Essex and Kent.

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