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Our Tips for a Plastic-Free Christmas

Whether you’re looking to have an entirely plastic-free Christmas or just trying to reduce a bit of holiday waste, we hope the below ideas are helpful.

Be Mindful of your festive decorations

Reuse your tree from last Christmas and reuse any old decoration from previous years. The artificial Christmas trees have a 10 year warranty, so should last a long time. Don’t waste money buying decorations. If you need new decorations you can make them using bits and pieces from around your house and garden. For example, holly leaves, pine cones, cinnamon sticks and apples make beautiful addition to your Christmas tree.

Be the Eco-Warrior at the Office Party

Instead of using plastic cups and plates this office party, use proper plates and cutlery. The clean-up isn’t as easy but the environment will thank you. Those Christmas cocktails can be saved to. Instead of using the plastic disposable straws, swap them with the paper ones, and instead of that stirrer, maybe use a stick of cinnamon. You can also be creative in how you serve them. Use a jam or mason jar to serve your festive cocktails.

Give Plastic free gifts

Making your own gifts could be reducing the amount of plastic we are using. These are also really personal to show that special someone you care. Idea’s you can use include: filling a mason jar with sweets or a homemade facemask using Avocado, honey and yoghurt. If you want to buy your own gifts check out Marine Conservation Society or Lush, whose products are all environmentally friendly and make great for stocking fillers.

Wrapping presents in recycled paper

You can be environmentally conscious when wrapping your presents this year. You can use old newspapers to give it a nostalgic feel, and instead of using sellotape maybe try using biodegradable eco-packing tape. Try adding some natural string, seasonal greenery and last Christmas cards for present tags. You can also use shredded paper as a substitute for polystyrene balls in boxed presents.

Use Reusable bags

Christmas shopping is a hassle and what is more hassling is taking your shopping home in plastic carrier bags. Plastic carrier bags which are made from chlorinated plastic can release harmful chemicals into the surrounding soil and water causing serious harm to all. Try use a reusable which is made out of a stronger material. As it is made of a stronger material, you would need to throw them away and they will not break. You can also take your reusable bag when you hit the Boxing Day clearance sales, rather than paying for a 5p bag.

Plastic free food idea’s

Avoid buying ready-made foods and dips which are cased in plastic. This gives you the opportunity to try making someone these delicious Christmas treats instead, like making your own Christmas Mince Pies, chips and dip, and Christmas pudding. This prevents using plastic packaging and also means you know exactly is going into these treats. Saving the environment and saving your families health potentially.

Leftovers for Boxing day

Boxing Day can involve multiple activities which may include hitting the Boxing Day clearance sales, or taking a long walk to burn of the dinner from the night before. But most people may like to indulge in some more food. Any leftovers which are left from Christmas Day can be stored in reusable tupperwear containers and saved for the next few days. This way cling-film isn’t being used to cover your turkey or trimmings. Use your leftover turkey to make some turkey sandwiches for your Boxing Day walk, or make it into soup which you can store in a thermos flask.

Christmas is not just a time for receiving, it is a time for giving back. There are so many changes that you can make to reduce the amount of plastic that you use at Christmas. Spread the word and educate others on a plastic free Christmas.

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