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Moving in a Pandemic? Check out our top tips and advice if you plan to move during this Pandemic.


Firstly, it’s worth noting that you are still allowed to move house/apartment during the pandemic - regardless of what tier you’re in or the current national Lockdown, as long as it is to a permanent address. 

Will estate agents stay open in lockdown? Estate and letting agents can stay open during lockdown, the government website states.

Additionally, removal firms are able to continue working through the third nationwide lockdown.

Can house viewings still take place? House viewings can continue in lockdown, however, the government has issued advice to those wishing to see prospective new homes.

“Initial viewings should be done virtually wherever possible,” the website states.

The stress of last year with what is going on right now might seem like enough to deal with, but rental agreements continue to end and people still need to move - upsize, downsize for numerous reasons. In the first stages such as viewing homes, meeting agents and brokers, you will be asked to wear a mask, sanitise, keep your distance and follow the main procedures in place.

The next part is when you need to move so we have listed some top tips for you:

1. Manage your Expectations

In Pre Covid times it wouldn't have been problematic to welcome multiple movers, family members, and maybe even a friend or two into your home to make your move run smoothly. Now with social distancing this creates a problem for home movers, but this is extremely important we follow the guidelines to keep everyone safe so please continue to move but proceed with caution. Ask the questions you need answered in advance to your estate agents and they will be happy to recommend Covid safe companies.

2. Bring in the Experts

As tempting as it is to recruit a couple of friends and family members to help you move house, hiring a removal service is a good investment. They are experts in this industry and can make the move as efficient as possible. Removal experts will also have the correct equipment to move your house contents in a safe and secure way (along with insurance if something does go wrong). When you book your removal, find out what Covid-secure measures they have in place. 

3. Plan in advance

If you are planning on using a removal company, in the current climate their operating procedures may have changed to ensure compliance with the various restrictions. Contacting the company as early as you can beforehand to gauge whether they will be operating during the times you need is a vital place to start.

4. Clean 

Ensure you and anyone you hire to help you are kept safe is a two-way street. In order to make sure all parties are at the lowest risk, it is important to thoroughly clean all of your household items with domestic cleaning products before they are packed away and transported, so they are safe to be handled by people outside of your household. All parties should be encouraged to wash their hands and apply hand sanitiser as often as possible.

5. Stay alert

If you are planning on using a different household or removal service to assist you, make sure you are sticking to the social distancing and hygiene rules where possible. The process of loading up vans and lorries can be time consuming, and it’ll be likely numerous people will be in and out of your home frequently. It is therefore important to keep all internal doors open to keep air circulating, and do not offer drinks and refreshments to those outside your household. That might seem harsh, but you can always buy them a cuppa from a cafe in the form of an extra tip or order something to be delivered that reduces contact and contamination.

6. Costs & Environment

Money is tight for everyone right now, so to keep packing material costs to a minimum, use items you already have to pack your contents securely and safely. Wrapping glassware and china in large towels and securing with tape or string can ensure these items are transported safely, while also reducing the total number of boxes you have to move, which should bring removal costs down.

Avoid using plastic bags and use cardboard boxes instead. Not only is using cardboard or reusable plastic boxes better for the environment, it also reduces the likelihood of mistakes being made during the move and will better protect your belongings.


As more information about the coronavirus pandemic develops, some of the information in this story may have changed since it was last updated. For the most up-to-date information on COVID-19, please visit the online resources provided by the CDC, WHO, and the latest Government guidelines.


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