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Level Up Your Natural Christmas Decor

This year we are all trying our best to make Christmas as magical and as natural as possible. Check out some of our best finds below.

Photo credit @lemonandjinja @zerowastecartel

Baking Fruit

Add a slice of colour & level up your christmas decor with dehydrated orange pieces!

This is so simple and yet so effective. You can bake lemons, oranges and limes to create wreaths, tree decorations, garlands or even just to replace your diffusers to keep your home smelling scrumptious. We have linked up some great inspiration below.

Garland tutorial  

Tree decorations

Baking Oranges

Photo credit @brookandpeony


Did you know 227,000 miles of wrapping paper are thrown away annually? The solution is probably in your cupboard Already, try switching to reusable cloth (tea towels work great) and don’t contribute to this massive amount of waste. 

Or use brown recycled paper with string and decorate with foliage, or for kids get them involved and decorate the brown paper with pens and paint & voila! 

Ideal Homes Kraft Paper Ideas

Vikki Bruce Pinterest Ideas

Photo credit @joatnumber26 @idyllhome

Star Paper Decorations

Add a little Christmas magic to your home (or the home of a friend) with these unique paper stars. Hang paper stars all over the house for a simple, Scandi vibe this Christmas, and when 2021 arrives, fold up flat and reuse next year and the year after. 

House & Garden How To Make Paper Stars

Gathering Beauty 3D star Tutorial

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