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2022 Interior Trend Predictions

Are you curious to find out what's going to be the next interior trend? You are not alone. Season to season home design styles come and go, but there are always evergreen classics staying in fashion: one of which is the grey wall colour. It's been the most popular neutral colour for decades, and you still can't scroll through Pinterest or Instagram without seeing grey walls with a stylish sofa and a feature wall of pictures. It is probably safe to say next year will be no different.

Natural Colours and Materials

Experts say that being in touch with nature in our homes, natural colours and organic materials will be very popular in 2022. After nearly two years of pandemic restrictions, many of us had to cancel travel plans and suspend holidays for an uncertain time. We learned to adapt to the new situation and avoid planning too far ahead. We have to live for the moment and make our environment happy. If we can't go on holiday, bring the holiday feeling to our living space. Add organic, raw materials to our interiors to create our sanctuary at home. 

The Importance of Outdoors

The gardening trends are here to stay. 2021, the year of the global pandemic, showed us the importance of outdoor space for our mental health and well being. Many of us made life-changing decisions to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city and move to the tranquil countryside. But those of us stayed in London building garden sheds, decorating roof terraces, creating cosy balconies and adding plenty of houseplants to our interiors became a high priority.  

Environment-friendly homes

As we are increasingly seeing the effects of climate change, the extreme weather conditions are forcing us to act quickly and be sustainable, environment-friendly, recycle/reuse as much as we can in our everyday lives. That will undoubtedly drive the trend in interior design as well.


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