I can’t thank Luke enough for the apartment he got me. Not only was it miles ahead in quality of what every other broker was showing me around the same price point he was so professional and helpful especially being it was my first rental in London/the UK - so not an easy thing to do and he put up with al my silly questions with patience and help. What stood out the most with Luke was that I felt he was working with me as a client and not just the landlord to give me the best thing for my money and, most important - he did not hound and harass me like every other broker I dealt with which frankly was unbearable trying to place me into sub par unsuitable properties and harassing me constantly every day.

I could not recommend enough not only Luke as a broker, but also his portfolio of properties I feel like a struck a goldmine compared to some of the things I looked at. I didn’t feel like a was a commission check to him and don’t see myself working with any other broker in London (not that I see myself leaving the apartment he got me any time soon if I can help it) !

I could not recommend him enough to either his workplace or someone looking for a place to live - especially an expat like myself in my situation new to the London rental market

By Kate Silas

Dear Robert,

Letting and Management Agents only get aggravation. I therefore thought I would send you a thank you. You let my above property and have done for the past 9 years and everything has always gone smoothly – you have always paid me promptly and my rental return is excellent. I just wanted to thank you and your team there.

Warmest regards.

Yours sincerely,

Clive Sharples

By Clive Sharples

The service and attention from Rumina and the Fraser & Co Paddington Team could not have been better. Rumina ensured a very quick and hassle free process from start to finish - they should be your first call if renting in London!

By Ken Martin

New development Geeks with professional attitude. Always ready to help even after sale is agreed.

By Sunil Kumar

Gemma has been very professional and exceptional helpful in the entire renting process. In searching for the suitable tenants and getting the required referencing and necessary document, her tireless effort is highly applauded and much appreciated. My wife and I are satisfied with her services rendered.

By Sunny Leung

Max and his team were great to work with. Joel was v. helpful in finding a place that met our requirements, and getting things lined up between us and the seller. Always available to speak, always able to make time for repeat visits, answer questions, etc. Highly recommended!

By Rowen Pillay

Dear Luke,

I wanted to say a big thank you for everything, you have been a pleasure to meet.

Throughout the process you have been considerate and understanding, going above and beyond with service and trying to help. You have been completely professional and representing your company to the highest of standards at all times. They are lucky to have you on board and contributing to their success, this is also what separates companies - their people.

Moving home is a challenging and tough time as it is and the process can be difficult. I felt a sincere, genuine understanding and I did not feel like a financial transaction at any point. Offering suggestions and alternatives is another reassurance that is welcomed and knowing that you were able to answer all my queries and were willing do whatever you could along the way.

Thank you again and keep up the great work!

Kind regards,


By Shabnam

Easy and professional at every step, Fraser and Co are great to deal with.

By Doone Roisin

Hi Luke, Nazim,

I just wanna say thank you to Luke for his great job and effort he put to help us finding a flat!

He has been just great, very clear, helpful and we are very happy with the flat we found.

He built the trust that every letting agent should build when people look for a flat and an agency to trust.

I would definitely recommend Luke as letting agent to any of my friends !

Thank you very much!
Marco & Ruya

By Marco & Ruya

Daniel Green was a pleasure to interact with from start to finish. He gave us good advice when making an offer and was very reaponsive to our queries.

By Hannah